Mini handheld portable laser marking machine

Laser marking machine
1.Laser DIY engraving/Making can be realized anytime and anywhere .
2.20w high power laser customizable laser power .
High power laser is faster, more stable and more precise . Complete DIY engraving/marking ect.
3.Various materials can be marked/engraved .Meet the needs of different industries .
Handles a wide variety of materials including metals , plastics , wood , stone,ect …to achieve a multi-functional application.
4.Small portable ,easy to carry/move
The product is small in size and the total weight is 10kgs . Easy to carry and move ,suitable for operation and use in different venues .
5.Auto focus live preview work easier
Border/image two projection positioning methods ,more intuitive ,fast and accurate determination of the working position .
6.Built-in 10000mA lithium battery
Can work independently without connecting to a power supply, providing greater convenience . And flexibility ,east to use in carious environments .
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Product introduction






It can be widely used to mark various markings on metal and non-metal materials, such as Gold , Sliver , Stainless steel ,Carbon steel, titanium , copper , nickel , chinaware, rubber, silicone, acrylic, engineering plastics,plastic, etc.





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