Fiber Laser Engraving Machine

Laser marking machine
1.Air cooling system ,No couple power dissipate ,High energy transform productivity ,Low power consumption , only consumes 4% of the electricity of the old model.
2.High beam quality ,the min line width is 0.01mm, the old marking machine min line width is 0.1mm .
3.The marking patterns can flexible change , marking speed is 3-5 times higher than traditional marking machine .
4.Laser source lifetime :100,000 hours zero consumables .
5. Environmental friendly ,ROHS compliant .
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Product introduction



                         Cabinet Engraving Machine                                                                                  Split type Engraving machine


                Desktop Engraving machine                                                                                           Integrated Engraving machine




Application Area

1. Metal materials : steel ,copper , aluminum .Oxidizing , Phosphatizing, Plating

2. Plastic products ,such as electrical equipment ,food packing,ect

3.Chinaware ,EP ,IC ,electrical components ,ect

4.Ink and paint: mobile phone battery labels, panels, phone buttons, small daily necessities accessories, etc .

5.Fine marking of keyboards, buttons, etc.

6.Gold , sliver ,gift and accessories , ect.

Samples show 


            Measurer  marking                                                    Die steel mariking                                                Keyboard marking


             Watch shell Engraving                                               Stainess steel engraving                                       Aluminum oxide engraving



           Cellphone parts engraving                                           Cellphone shell engraving                                       Metal card engraving


                   IC card engraving                                                   Charger engraving                                               Plastic engraving

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