FPC Ultraviolet Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting machine
1.Good beam quality, minimal focusing spot, capable of achieving fine cutting.
2.The motion platform of high-precision linear motor adopts high-precision scanning galvanometer to ensure extremely high machining accuracy.
3.UV laser is cold light sources, The processing process has minimal thermal impact on .
4.UV laser machine suits for most material, whether it is organic or inorganic materials .
5.Long term operation without consumables, maintenance free, energy-saving, and low usage cost .
6.Online debugging of cutting effect, easy to debug, and quick cutting speed.
7.CCD Automatic positioning, correction , vacuum adsorption, fixtures innecessary .
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Product introduction





1.FPC board , PCB coard cutting .

2.PI FR4 PET film cutting .

3.Glass cutting , scribing, texturing, chinaware cutting , scribing , drilling ,ect

4.Copper foil and other ultra-thin metal cutting, composite material cutting

Samples show 


              Sketch plate+FR4                                                          Sketch plate+FR4                                                                      PCB


                     LED Lightbox                                                              PCB+FR4                                                                          FPC


                           FPC Board FPC                                                                PCB                                                                      PCB and FPC

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