Precision Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting machine
Features :
1.This series machine use continuous laser ,and can choose continuous wave or pulse wave.No couple power lose , zero consumables .
2.This series machine with monitor online and Auto Diagnosis Alarming Function .
3.Servo motor makes sure the cutting accuracy ,high cutting speed , low cost , safe and stable working performance .
4.Closed architecture , there is a precious metal recycling device inside .
5.With professional software design displays a variety of graphics,and operation of the single ,convenient .
6.With automatic feeding system and free us of professional software design display a variety of graphics of text to carry out real-time processing .
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Product introduction



Specifications :


Application area

1.Widely used to jewelry cutting  ,such as  bracelet ,ring , necklace, glasses,mico precision,ect

2.Especially for gold , sliver , titamiun,copper , stainess steel ,ect 

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