Desktop jewelry spot laser welding machine

Laser welding machine
1.Cooling mode with high efficiency, With 24-hour continuous working capacity, machine performance and stability.
2.Welding methods : spot welding ,butt welding , fillet welding ,seal welding ect
3.Best quality welding , the surface is smooth and beautiful, depth ,non- deformation ,and thermal impact on small area .
4. Accurate positioning, laser spot size and frequency can flexible adjust .
5. Easy to operate , environmentally friendly ,long service life .
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Product introduction

                  Desktop jewelry spot laser welding machine




1.The machine is mainly used for gold and silver ornaments of the fill hole and shoot trachoma ,diamond and jewelry inlaying.

2.Widely used in spot welding of micro precision parts , such as dental ,batteries nickel belt , IC lead , watch springs , tubes , electron gun assembly and others .

3.This series laser welding machine widely applied to the material of  gold, sliver , platinum , copper , aluminum , nickel , titanium , steel and so on .

Samples show


     Gold Jewelry welding                       Platinum Jewelry welding                     Gold Jewelry welding


     Jewelry welding                            Watch precision parts welding                    Watch springs welding

               首饰1 (9).jpg

     Glasses welding                              Diamond studded  welding                     Diamond studded welding 

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