3 in 1 Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Laser welding machine
1. Three-in-one control system, flexible switching between welding, cleaning and cutting, one device replaces the original three, taking into account both efficiency and quality, and has powerful functions;
2. All parameters are visible, and the status of the entire machine is monitored in real time to avoid problems in advance, facilitate troubleshooting and problem solving, and ensure stable operation of the system;
3. The system operation panel (referred to as "HMI") adopts a 7-inch configuration TFT touch screen, with a beautiful interface and easy operation;
4. The process parameters can be set, allowing you to flexibly try various process effects;
5. Stable parameters and high repeatability: The laser power is stable and the process parameters are repeatable, greatly improving efficiency;
6. The laser head is light and easy to operate;
7. The equipment pulley is easy to move and suitable for welding in various occasions;
8. Set multiple security alarms, and the operation is simple and flexible.
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Product introduction


 3 in 1 Fiber Laser Welding Machine                                       Welding gun                                                Automatic wire feeder (optional)




Application materials: Welding of stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, galvanized sheets and other metals and their alloy materials can achieve the same precision welding between metals.


Application fields: advertising, furniture industry, living hardware, fitness equipment, engineering machinery, aerospace, shipbuilding, instrumentation, mechanical and electrical products, automobiles and other industries.

Samples show:


        Carbon steel rust cleaning                                    Stainless steel cutting                                    Carbon steel cutting


         Aluminum alloy cutting                                       Weld seam cleaning                            Stainless steel spot weld marks cleaning


       Turbine plate welding                                          Aluminum steel welding                                 Stainless steel welding

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