Fiber laser welding machine

Laser welding machine
1.With MOPA fiber-optic laser ,pulse width and frequency are adjustable ,high photoelectric conversion efficiency and low energy consumption.
2.Widely use for thin + shaped metal materials welding ,small focus light which can realize spot welding and stitch welding
3. Highly stable laser output, high single pulse energy, and ultra-short pulse establishment time .
4. With high-precision motion control, it can be positioned accurately and has stronger equipment compatibility.
5. The machine used professional welding software ,easy to debug and operate ,and free of any consumables and does not need maintenance.
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Product introduction



Fiber laser welding machine 3-axis




1. Fiber Laser Welding Machine is widely used in the precise spot welding of 3C shrapnel, electronic component metal production , jewelry , precision hardware, etc.

2. All hardware and alloys can be welded such as , gold , sliver , copper, titanium, nickel, zinc, aluminum ,stainless steel ,carbon steel,ect .

Samples show


Mobile phone middle frame + shrapnel weldin                                                    Mobile phone middle frame welding



                     Shaped steel welding                                                                               Structural welding


                           Nut welding                                                                                  SIM card holder welding


                 Mobile phone camera welding                                                                         Battery tab welding

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