Mini Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

Laser welding machine
1.This machine is beautiful appearance, no space, light weight ,simple structure ,easy to carry and install .
2. The heat-affected zone of laser welding machine welding is small, the material deformation is small, and there is no need for subsequent processing.
3. The laser beam is easy to guide and focus, to achieve various direction changes, precise positioning, and avoid damage to jewelry.
4. Compared with electron beam processing, laser welding does not require strict vacuum equipment system and is easy to operate.
5. Laser welding has high production efficiency, stable and reliable processing quality, and the most important is :zero consumables .
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Product introduction



Mini Jewelry Laser Welding Machine




This mini jewelry laser welding machine is mainly used for repairing holes of gold and silver jewelry, seams and claw parts. It can be applied to a variety of metals and alloys such as,

● gold

● silver

● platinum

● stainless steel

● titanium

Samples show


     Gold Jewellery welding                        Platinum Jewellery welding                       Gold Jewellery welding


       Jewellery welding                                 Diamond studded  welding                    Diamond studded welding  

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