Automatic Yag Laser Welding Machine

Laser welding machine
1.This series machine function is complete, most applied to thin materials and micro precision parts welding .
2.Welding methods : spot welding ,butt welding , fillet welding ,seal welding ect .
3.With CCD monitoring system ,easy to check the welding working effective .
4.Via computer programming,this series machine can welding Straight line curve ,and other complex lines.It’s can be the entire automated production .
5.The weld is smooth, surface is beautiful , no pores , penetrating power strong , weld firmly .
6.With red guiding light , Accurate positioning ,the laser light spot and laser frequency can adjust flexible .
7.Easy to operate ,environmentally friendly ,long maintain time .
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Product introduction





Application area

1.Widely applid to gift , auto parts , watch springs , steel ,USP pot , nickel plate, Copper aluminum connecting plate , plate lug , pole , filling port ,explosion-proof valve, bus-bar, seal housing ect

2.Welding methods : spot welding ,butt welding , fillet welding ,seal welding ect

3.Application materials :Gold , Sliver , Stainless steel ,Carbon steel, titanium , copper , nickel , ect 

Samples show 


       Stainless steel  welding                                 Stainless steel ball welding                            Model repair welding


        Stainless steel welding                               Stainless steel pipe welding                                Copper welding


          Copper piece welding                                 Carbon steel welding                                    Auto parts welding 

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