Laser Mould Welding Machine

Laser welding machine
Features :
1.This series machine is full featured , Applied for repair small and medium-sized molds and welding many steal parts
2.Welding methods : sopt welding ,butt welding , fillet welding ,seal welding ect
3.Heat affected area is small and pore, collapse, thermal strain and metallographic structure change will not occur after welding, non- deformation ,and thermal impact on small area .
4.Red indicating light, accurate positioning,can free controling the light spot adjustable range .
5.Easy to operate , environmentally friendly ,long service life .
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Product introduction





Application area

1.Widely applied for parts repair,such as cylinder , plunger , hydraulic rod ,gear, ect

2.Applied for repair small and medium-sized molds, such as : Flaw  , Cuttings , Sand hole , Abrasion ect

3.Applied for advertisement letters and all metal parts

4.Welding methods : spot welding ,butt welding , fillet welding ,seal welding ect

5.Laser mold welding machine can be used: cold high-alloy steel ,high alloy steel forging , nickel steel , cooper alloys , beryllium copper , aluminum and other metal materials with high toughness , 

Samples show 


                 Water pipe welding                                                  Die steel welding                                                       Model repair welding 


         Advertising characters welding                                         Model repairing welding                                                Stainless steel welding 


                Carbon welding                                                          Model welding                                                  Advertising characters welding

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