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Application of laser marking machine in mobile phone manufacturing industry

Date of publication :2023-10-14     Views : 186

Smartphones are a very important means of communication in modern society. Our mobile phones have the shadow of laser technology everywhere, such as: laser marking of logos, laser marking of mobile phone buttons, laser marking of mobile phone cases, laser marking of mobile phone batteries, laser marking of mobile phone accessories, etc. In the invisible phone, some accessories are manufactured using laser marking. With the advancement of technology in the microelectronics industry and people's pursuit of personalization of mobile phones, precision laser processing technology will play an increasingly important role in future mobile phone manufacturing. Today we will take a look at where laser marking is used in the mobile phone industry.

1. Laser marking mobile phone protective cases are where laser marking technology is most used. Nowadays, in order to highlight their own brand mobile phones, most mobile phone companies respond to the merchant logo on the Bosozoku location logo, which looks very beautiful and unique. In fact, the engraving requirements are high, and the mobile phone Bosozoku logo letters must be guaranteed. Bosozoku can be any stress or wear and tear.

2. The combination of mobile phone accessories with laser markers and exquisite markings and mobile phones will give people a different feeling, but when laser markers are processed on mobile phone accessories, the effect of mobile phone accessories will be more unique. 3. Mobile phone accessories in laser printing mobile phone accessories marking line marking laser, marking mobile phone power adapter laser, mobile phone data first marking laser, mobile phone Bluetooth headset line marking laser and marking mobile phone earphone line laser marking marking general mobile phone accessories .

4. Marking laser recognition or other functions on the mobile phone chip are always in the chip surface pattern and the small size of the digital chip. Because of the high integration density of the marking line, the accuracy requirements of the chip surface processing process are very high. Laser printing and affixing With the popularity of high-efficiency printing markings such as chips, automatic laser marking equipment with automatic chip processing has a place.

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